The Serge Ibaka 3 Pack comes with 3 Boxer Briefs: Avec Classe, Mafuzzy & The Surge. 

Avec Classe -  The avec classe is blended with bamboo fibres that has an extremely soft touch massaging the skin with every movement. Avec classe like nothing in its class and that fits like a CHAMPION!

Mafuzzy - This pair is for your everyday wear. You will be provided with comfort from the anti ride bands and the silk like blend we innovated.

The Surge - We implemented cooling polyester with a sweat wicking technology to help keep things cool and dry as your going through your work out!


We stand behind our product.  If you don't love it - send it back to us for a refund. 

Signature Waistband

Our signature waistband has been formulated to NEVER warp, NEVER lose shape and to follow the contours of all body types. This will give you that snug and flattering fit.

Superior Comfort

Let the Boys Breathe! With our Flowing Ventilation Fabric, your area will stay dry and airy. Using our Silk Screen Technology, the Topik boxer provides the softest and smoothest feeling possible! Coupled with our Stretch Performance weaving, our boxer will hug and support you no matter what your day may throw at you.