In 2019, Topik Wear teamed up with Serge Ibaka and The Serge Ibaka Foundation. The Serge Ibaka foundation aims to inspire children around the world to believe in themselves no matter how hard their circumstances are. Serge Ibaka has been a big fashion icon in the NBA ever since he got drafted. His immaculate style and his unique choice of fashion pieces, which he refers to as art, has really enabled him to express himself in his own way. He has covered some of fashions biggest magazines such as GQ and has been a big supporter of Paris Fashion Week. He has such a passion for fashion which has enabled this collaboration to come forth effortlessly. What makes this collaboration so special is he incorporated moments of his personal life during the creation process of each design.

When 2021 arrived, so did our long awaited debut expansion into apparel. After years of researching material blends, product testing and design changes we finally felt ready to continue our mission to spread quality and comfort worldwide with apparel. Our debut inventory line starts with crewneck and trucker hats. Hoodies and T-shirts will soon followup and from there we will let our core audience choose our direction. Come follow us on our journey with new beginnings as we continue to adapt and revolutionize fashion industry. Thank you to all our supporters and the continuous feedback it is essential to our growth.